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Care of the countryside

19 December 2018

Research has consistently shown us that using or having a connection with green spaces, the countryside and nature is good for us in many different ways: from providing recreational opportunities and relaxation, to learning skills that help us interact with people and the world around us. We now tend to live in urbanised areas and are increasingly dependent on technology...

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Supporting countryside conservation

28 September 2018

Working on holiday with the National Trust at Devil’s Dyke, the South Downs

Anyone can be involved with nature and help towards countryside conservation. There are different ways and no set path.

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My car and the countryside

28 March 2018

 Woodwalton Fen

I passed my driving test a month before I turned 30…wow, what an achievement!

It does grieve me though that, as an environmentalist, I’m not helping the world in terms of land use, pollution and unavoidable road kills (including of flies, which are a source of food for birds!). However, there are snippets of comfort for my green conscience.

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