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Peterborough Green Clean 2018 - results are in!

Our Green Clean litter pick was a success! With your help, we picked up almost 1000 discarded cans and bottles during four litter picks in Peterborough.

The litter picks were part of CPRE’s Green Clean initiative, in which local CPRE branches helped organise litter picks across England. A total of 35 litter picks were held in September 2018.

We found plastic bottles, drinks cans and glass bottles – all litter that could be recycled. Here’s a break down of what was picked up in Peterborough. 

  Plastic bottles Cans Glass bottles Tetra Pak Total
Items collected 303 447 215 16 981
% of total 31% 46% 22% 2% 100%

Peterborough Green Clean results 

The Peterborough numbers have been combined with the totals from the other Green Clean litter picks and will be put to good use. Our national office hopes to use the data to inform the government as it develops a deposit return system in England

You can see the final results for all of the Green Cleans, plus four recommendations that CPRE thinks the government should follow for an effective deposit return scheme. 

Thanks to you, the participants, and to the Peterborough Environment City Trust (PECT), who helped organise the litter picks.

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