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Green Belt

Friday, 19 August 2011 14:05

Wandlebury Country Park Wandlebury Country Park Photo: © Jean Prince

About the Cambridge Green Belt

The Cambridge Green Belt was created in 1954. Its purposes, as set out in the Cambridge Local Plan 2006, are to: 

  • Preserve the unique character of Cambridge as a compact, dynamic city with a thriving historic centre.
  • Maintain and enhance the quality of its setting.
  • Prevent communities in the environs of Cambridge from merging into one another and with the City.

Cambridge Green Belt 2016-7

Cambridge Green Belt 2016-7. (Map created by Troy Planning + Design using open data provided by Ordnance Survey and DCLG.)

Nationally, all Green Belts have the following purposes:

  • Reduce urban sprawl
  • Prevent neighbouring towns from merging
  • Protect the character of historic settlements
  • Encourage urban regeneration
  • Assist with safeguarding our countryside

Within Green Belts, agriculture, forestry and related uses are allowed, while opportunities for public access to open countryside, recreation and landscape and nature conservation are encouraged.

The fact sheet below provides more information about the Cambridge Green Belt.


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