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Recent Actions

Objection letters have been submitted on the following.  If you would like to see the full text or have any questions, please contact the local branch administrator via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Caldecote; Objected to 58 dwellings (S/2764/16/OL) on grounds of the emerging Local Plan.  

Cottenham, Rampton Road (S/2876/16/OL) objected to up to 154 dwellings as contrary to Local Plan 2004 policy and due weight should be given to the emerging local plan which we believe showed sufficient land allocated for housing.  A further allocation of up to 50 houses on Oakington Road has already been agreed.  We therefore think that Cottenham is taking its fair share of housing.  

Helpston (16/01308/HHFUL) objected on grounds of visual impact.   

 Objections submitted in the past few months and results where known 

Caldecote, land off Highfields Road (S/1216/16/OL) up to 140 dwellings.  SCDC refused 6 July.

Papworth. For 215 dwellings (S/d2647/15/0L.  Approved 2 Nov. by SCDC as it couldn't demonstrate a five-year land supply. 

Fulbourn, Teversham Road, for 110 houses.  Dismissed on appeal on 3 Nov. as not being socially sustainable. 

Fulbourn, Lanthorne Stile, for 50 houses/(S14442/15/OL.  Dismissed on appeal 6 June.

Trumpington, Hauxton Road, a Sporting Village (including 520) homes) in the green belt (S1925/16/OL). Awaiting a decision.

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