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Concerns over proposed waste incinerator near Waterbeach

Tuesday, 03 April 2018 14:04

Proposed waste incinerator outside of Waterbeach Proposed waste incinerator outside of Waterbeach

Amey Cespa have submitted an application for a waste incinerator outside Waterbeach.

Update (17 September 2018): Cambridgeshire Country Council have rejected the application for the waste incinerator. See our reaction.

Amey Cespa operate the waste disposal facility outside Waterbeach on the A10 where waste is sorted, green waste is composted, and plastics exported off-site. Now that the availability of off-site places are drying up, Amey submitted an application (S/3372/17/CW) for a Waste Incinerator for plastics and other materials.  The incinerator, on land they already own would be a huge building with a very high 80 metre chimney. There is much discussion on how much pollution incinerators generate and whether this is dangerous to health, the alternative disposal is in landfill sites, which themselves are becoming scarcer, or on land-forming, neither prospect being appealing. In this instance we chose to base our objections on the appearance of the incinerator and the effect on the landscape.  We told the Cambridgeshire County Council:

  • There would be significant and adverse visual impact on the local character and surrounding countryside. The chimney would be visible from public viewpoints on higher ground as such as to be had on the Haddenham ridge and Ely Cathedral tower, and visible for miles across the surrounding low-level and open fenland.
  • It would require external lighting. As there would be 24 hour working 7 days a week, we were very concerned that night-time lighting has the potential to cause light pollution and visual impact on the landscape, neighbouring settlements and Denny Abbey
  • It would cause significant visual harm to the Denny Abbey English Heritage site. We agreed with English Heritage's comprehensive submission that "the historic setting of Denny Abbey is that of an historic medieval institution, deliberately sited at the fen edge" and "originally sited on a small raised island until the fens were drained". 

We concluded that the incinerator would overbear, overwhelm and completely destroy the fragile setting in which Denny Abbey dwells.

The application is undecided at the time of writing. 

You can view our objection letter under Downloads.




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