CPRE adds its support to the ‘Outdoors for All’ manifesto

CPRE has joined 35 other leading national governing bodies and environmental organisations to support the “Outdoors for All” a manifesto, launched on 13th December, which seeks to extend responsible access to more green and blue spaces.

The Outdoors For All coalition calls for new legislation to open up more of our countryside, including waterways, woodland, riversides and downland…

Cambridge Waste Water Treatment Plant (WWTP) – why we’re saying no to its relocation to Honey Hill

Honey Hill by Andy Field

Honey Hill by Andy Field

In November we wrote to the Planning Inspectorate outlining our objections to Anglian Water’s proposal to relocate the Cambridge WWTP from Milton to Honey Hill, which is in the Cambridge Green Belt. We’ve previously responded to Anglian…

Owlstone Croft, Cambridge: Public Inquiry grants planning permission

We were disappointed to learn that the Public Inquiry has overturned the decision made by Cambridge City Council to refuse the planning application made by Queen’s College, Cambridge to develop Owlstone Croft. The appeal decision can be read here.


CPRE report shows housing crisis poses threat to survival of rural communities

New housing by Hugh Venables

New housing by Hugh Venables

The report, entitled ‘Unraveling a crisis: the state of rural affordable housing in England’, launched on 28th November and lays bare the impact of this crisis on real people, along with what is needed to fix…

Star Count paused for 2024

CPRE’s Star Count has, for more than a decade, tracked the impact of light pollution on the night sky.

With a general election expected in 2024, next year will be make or break for our countryside. CPRE is committed to making sure rural voices are heard and the concerns they express are acted on, and is focussing on ensuring the next government is one that protects our countryside and works…