Star Count paused for 2024

CPRE’s Star Count has, for more than a decade, tracked the impact of light pollution on the night sky.

With a general election expected in 2024, next year will be make or break for our countryside. CPRE is committed to making sure rural voices are heard and the concerns they express are acted on, and is focussing on ensuring the next government is one that protects our countryside and works…

Environment Agency update on drought in East Anglia

The November Environment Agency Drought update details an improved situation and a return to ‘Normal’ status across all catchments in East Anglia Area. The Environment Agency will continue to monitor and report on the situation, producing regular water situation reports available at  The November update can be read here (please embed…

CPRE and the Levelling Up and Regeneration Act: lessons learned

CPRE’s Campaigns Officer Mark Robinson reflects on a year-and-a-half of legislative campaigning and the lessons learned.  You can read more here

CPRE responds to Suella Braverman’s remarks about homelessness

With CPRE’s Rural Affordable Housing report launching later this month, CPRE thoroughly refutes Suella Braverman’s notion that ‘homelessness is a lifestyle choice’. Brad Taylor, Rural Campaigns Officer at CPRE, has commented on these remarks.  You can read more here:


CPRE responds to King’s Speech

The King’s Speech delivered on 7th October confirmed an intended Bill supporting annual licences for oil and gas extraction in the North Sea, though there was a lack of demonstrable commitment to renewables in the race to net zero. Chief Executive of CPRE, Roger Mortlock, has commented on the energy aspects of the King’s Speech.  Read more here