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Friends of the Cam declare the rights of the River Cam 21st June at 6pm

Friday, 11 June 2021 16:05

Join us to declare the rights of the River Cam Join us to declare the rights of the River Cam

Cambridge based campaigning group "Friends of the Cam" are declaring the rights of the River Cam on midsummer evening Monday 21st June at 6pm with a celebration for people of all ages from 4pm to 9pm. The group hopes this will highlight the urgent need to reverse over-abstraction and pollution of the river and the encroachment of massive levels of unsustainable building and infrastructure in our area and across the region.

To join the gathering, meet west of the footbridge on Jesus Green from 4pm for a celebration of the river with a picnic, drawing and painting for children, songs, music, poetry and an art display. There will also be an open mic where people can tell of their connection to the river.

At 6pm there will be a formal declaration of the rights of the river following the Universal Declaration of River Rights (see image) and the practice of indigenous peoples over thousands of years. Messages of support will be read from areas of the world where river rights are already recognised.

 Universal Rights of River Cam


The declaration of river rights will be adapted for the Cam, including:

  • the right to flow and be free from over-abstraction
  • the right to be free from pollution
  • the right to be fed by sustainable aquifers
  • the right to perform essential functions within the ecosystem
  • the right to native biodiversity
  • and the right to restoration.

In declaring the rights of the river participants will become its guardians, recognising that its rights have been breached in the past, and will oppose all new building and development which override the rights of the Cam and its feeder chalk streams.

Music for relaxing and dancing will continue up to around 9pm.

For more information about Friends of the Cam, see

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