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Friday, 13 August 2021 09:42

In July the Government launched the first of three public consultations on the Spatial Framework for the Ox-Cam Arc, which will remain open until 12th October. The government’s official website with three important accompanying documents and a link to the online consultation survey is here.

The Ox-Cam Arc is a Government plan to increase the total number of jobs, houses and people in the five counties of Oxfordshire, Buckinghamshire, Bedfordshire, Northamptonshire and Cambridgeshire by 60-65% by 2050 to help “achieve the area’s full economic potential”.

Ox-cam Arc Districts

The region currently has a population of c. 3.7 m people who will be massively impacted by the proposed 1 million homes to be built, plus associated infrastructure and industry/businesses. There is no doubt at all that all the government is interested in is GROWTH. Not climate change, or the environment, or quality of life. Yet the government documents imply that the Arc can do everything: provide great economic growth AND a wonderful environment AND make everyone healthy and happy.

Decisions on such major developments cannot be made just by government and property developers (many of whom are major donors to government). The voices of the people need to be heard loud and clear, and the government consultation has too many “leading” questions for it to deliver accurate results. That is why the campaigning group Stop the Arc has created an alternative questionnaire to that created by the government for the stage 1 consultation. The survey is quick to complete (about 5 five minutes) so PLEASE take the time to do it, and then to pass on the link to as many people as possible: It is vital to get a real feel for what people think about the Ox-Cam Arc’s growth agenda over the next three decades.


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