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Update on the Peakirk Local Plan

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 22:10


Peakirk 2030 Neighbourhood Plan


The Peakirk Neighbourhood Plan that will influence the growth of our village up to 2030, was submitted to Peterborough City Council by Peakirk Parish Council, on December 20th 2016.


What is a Neighbourhood Plan?


Neighbourhood planning is a new way for communities to decide the future of the places where they live and work. Like other Development Control Plans, the Peakirk Neighbourhood Plan will form part of the statutory planning framework for the area and it will be used to help decide future planning applications in our parish.  

Over the past three and a half years, Peakirk Parish Council (The Qualifying Body) and the Peakirk Neighbourhood Planning Group (PNPG) have worked hard to produce this Neighbourhood Plan. Peakirk faces many challenges over the coming years. The Plan offers a chance for residents and businesses to have their say on future development within the parish and influence how our Neighbourhood evolves to meet the challenges. 

The Neighbourhood Planning Group have consulted those living and working in the village, together with key stakeholders, asking how they wish to see the village develop to 2030. The results helped us prepare a draft version of the Peakirk Neighbourhood Development Plan and a six week pre-submission consultation period on the proposals for Peakirk ran from Monday 29th August for 6 weeks to 15th October2016. The submitted version of our Plan took account of comments received.


Our Vision for Peakirk  

‘Our Vision is for Peakirk to remain a small, green village within a rural parish with a rich heritage and culture which can be enjoyed, protected and where possible enhanced, whilst supporting appropriate and proportionate growth.’


What Happens Next?


Winter/Spring 2017 

Peterborough City Council checks that the submitted proposal complies with all relevant legislation and if it meets the legal requirements they will:  

  • Publicise the proposal for minimum 6 weeks and invites representations (Regulation 16 Consultation)
  • Notify consultation bodies referred to in the Consultation Statement
  • Appoint an independent examiner (with the agreement of Peakirk Parish Council)


Independent Examination  

Peterborough City Council will send the Plan proposal and representation to the independent examiner who will undertake the examination and then issue a report to both Peterborough City Council and Peakirk Parish Council. 

This report will be published by Peterborough City Council (PCC) and a decision made whether to send the Plan to referendum. Peakirk Parish Council will also publish an information statement.


Late Spring 2017  

Referendum and Making the Neighbourhood Plan (bringing it into force)  

If the Plan passes these tests, PCC will organise a public referendum so that everyone who lives in the parish and is eligible to vote, can decide if they support it. If more than 50% of the voters who express a view, support the Plan, PCC must bring it into force. 

PCC will consider the Plan in relation to EU obligations and Convention rights.  

If the Plan is compatible with EU obligations and does not breach Convention rights – PCC will ‘make’ the Plan.

This means the Plan will become part of the statutory Development Plan for Peterborough, so any decisions about whether or not to grant planning permission in the Neighbourhood Area in the future must be made in accordance with the Peakirk Neighbourhood Plan. 

Fingers crossed!


Sally-Ann Jackson             


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