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Sunday, 24 December 2017 10:30

Eyes and Ears anniversary

Written by Tracey Hipson

Eyes and Ears is three! Learn more about this volunteer scheme.

At our annual general meeting, Dr Alan James spoke about the impacts of climate change globally, in the UK and in Cambridgeshire in particular. 

This workshop will help you understand the planning system and respond to planning applications.

Countryside campaigners fear proposals to create a ‘Silicon Valley’ spanning Cambridge, Milton Keynes and Oxford will swallow up villages, destroy countryside and lead to massive ribbon development along the 80 mile stretch, without being subject to either democratic or independent scrutiny.

Tuesday, 07 February 2017 22:10

Update on the Peakirk Local Plan


Peakirk 2030 Neighbourhood Plan


The Peakirk Neighbourhood Plan that will influence the growth of our village up to 2030, was submitted to Peterborough City Council by Peakirk Parish Council, on December 20th 2016.


Unless the photographs in our Gallery are marked as © [name] they will be released under a Creative Commons licence and you are welcome to copy them. However, they should not be used for commercial purposes and you will need to include the photographer’s name and type of licence (as in the photo caption) if you re-use them for any non-personal reason.



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