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On 23rd June, the Environment Agency announced the move into a period of Prolonged Dry Weather (‘developing drought’) in the Cam & Ely Ouse river catchment. The PDF outlines what this means for the community, and what actions they are taking to minimise damage to the environment.

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The results of CPRE's February 2020 ‘citizen scientists’ star count are in! Over 2,500 people recorded more than 27,000 stars within the Orion constellation over the course of a week. To see an interactive map of the findings, which will tell you how much light pollution is obscuring our starry skies, go to:

CPRE’s Chairman Crispin Truman OBE writes that "as we emerge from the coronavirus pandemic, we need a dramatic rethink on transport policy and visionary leadership on when and where other benefits to society outweigh the need to provide space for the private car." Quite simply, road building cannot continue post-lockdown. For Crispin’s full article, see:

Thursday, 11 June 2020 12:55

CPRE's Latest Policy on Green Belts - download

Written by CambsAdmin

CPRE was responsible for the creation of Green Belts in 1938 and it remains a campaign priority to support them. You can download CPRE's February 2020 statement on its position and policy on Green Belts here:

Larkfleet Homes' plans for 340 homes and a primary school on farmland north of Sawtry village, west of Glatton Road and north of Shawley Road have been rejected by Huntingdon District Council citing fears over the visual impact, the encroachment into the countryside and the lack of community amenities to support the development.

Planning permission for what has been described as "A vibrant, well-connected and sustainable new neighbourhood" with up to 1,200 new homes and community facilities on 32 hectares of land north of Cherry Hinton has been granted by the Joint Development Control Committee including councillors from Cambridge City Council and South Cambridgeshire District Council.

The meeting took place online during the restrictions imposed by the COVID-19 pandemic, so it is doubtful that it received satisfactory scrutiny by members or representatives of the community.

The Planning Application documents can be viewed here:

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